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Each Chrysocolla master neckless is unique and never look the same since no one crystal as alike. I try to make each peace slightly different, or a lot different, because I like the idea that each neckless is exclusive. You have a choice of getting just a pendant or going full steam with magic. Every master neckless has the following crystals: chrysocolla, Herkimer diamond, Moon stone and dark green granules of pyrite.


Being a stone of communication and empowerment of the feminine energies, Chrysocolla has its gentleness and strength when gifts you with the power to speak and express your true innate wisdom. Attuned with vibrations of Earth and Water it gives flowing and cleansing feel, while releasing stress and anxiety. Moonstone adds the energy of High priestess, the keeper of feminine mysteries , while Herkimer diamond purify the energy field and assist with attuning to high spiritual frequencies. Green pyrite brings enhance the guidance of your spirit to a place of higher wisdom, while adding vital energy


Whether you choose necklaces , or pendant, the all contain the same radionic program for enhanced communication: Ho oponopono , Affirmations, frequencies of unconditional Love, Compassion, and frequencies to facilitate your resonance with the Source.

Chrysocolla Radionic Talisman for Communication