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While exploring the energy of Lapis, allow yourself to be introduced to Kyanite, Moonstone, Sodalite, Herkimer diamonds and Dark Knight Biotite.


Vibrant in blue color, Lapis carries the vibrations of “inner queen” that we hide inside us. Allow yourself to go on your soul quest to awake that divine true nature and intuition that may even be rooted in lifetimes of Atlantis or ancient Egypt. Sodalite, another stone of deep journey, will invoke insights into its own strengths and weaknesses during that exploration. `Kyanite will facilitate opening psychic channels and protects the auric field from intrusions. Small Herkimer diamonds are nested between kyanite while magnifying the energy of every other stone and creating dimensional doorways for more channeling if you choose to experience that. Two dark knight biotite beads are at both ends of the neckless to bring connectedness to that hire part of the self. Moonstone, the keeper of the mysteries and the stone of High Priestess will enhance your visions and dreams.


KRT equipment was used to imprint the necklace with the protective and healing life essence frequencies.

Magic queen radionic talisman for soul quests with Lapis Lazuli.