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Listening to your soul Master Moonstone Talisman.

Ancient as the Moon, Gem of High Priestess- the moonstone holds the power of Mystery and hidden truths. As the flash of light suddenly reveals it's inner beauty, similarly, the Moonstone reveals the parts of the soul that have been forgotten or left behind.
Its been always in that "magic of the moon" realm: it serves as talisman protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a link to inner wisdom.
Master necklace has inclusions of Herkimer diamonds, Tourmaline and red granules of Pyrite.
Tourmaline assists those who are already in a challenging situation by transmuting negative energies into positives and cleansing auric fields. Herkimer diamonds magnifies the frequency of other stones. Rumor has it that the angels are drawn to its solidified spiritual light.
I lost myself in the alchemy of this necklace. Radionicly I added the frequency to release all unnecessary cords, install bubble of Divine protection and facilitated reattachment to universal lite. (Don't ask me how. KRT radionic equipment is the best).

And then of course, I added some spiritual frequencies from 72 names of God. Think about transforming hatred through unconditional love, connecting to the powers of the ancient high priests of the temple to heal all areas of your life, listening to your soul, no longer being a prisoner of your heart.
Wear it and find out for yourself what it feels like when listening to your soul.

Moonstone Radionic Master Necklace Talisman