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Sun and Moon Life Essence Talisman


While the Sun represents the masculine fire of spiritual intelligence, the Moon symbolizes all aspects of divine feminine powers. As the ever-changing circle of life continues, Sun will bring strong energy or transformation to you. You decide whether you want to initiate, purify and destroy, or begin something new. Moon, on another hand, enhances intuition, psychic insight, creative energies, wisdom, and mystery.

The circle around the Sun and the Moon is a reminder of the ever-changing and everlasting infinite circle of life. As an unbroken line, it adds to the powers of transformation, protection, and manifestation.

This talisman would gently open you to listening to your body and its unique wisdom while arming you with protection, courage, and power to find authentic self.


KRT personal instrument and potentizer are used for programming. Radionic program for this talisman contains: frequency to install bubble of Divine protection and facilitate reattachment to universal light, frequencies of 72 names of God, and essence of life (P. Radatti ) program.



Sun and Moon Life Essence Talisman